Understanding the limitations of the Moon Saturn Conjunction

Well, the Moon and Saturn conjunction is like an odd couple forced to live together. The Moon is emotional, imaginative, and wants to dream big, while Saturn is practical, disciplined, and wants to stick to the rules.

It’s like the Moon is a carefree artist who wants to paint the world in vibrant colors, while Saturn is the stern headmaster who wants everything in order and black and white.

When they are in conjunction, it’s like the Moon is trying to drag Saturn to a wild party, while Saturn is dragging the Moon to a board meeting.

It’s like the Moon is saying “let’s follow our hearts and chase our dreams,” and Saturn is saying “let’s follow the rules and stick to the plan.”

But they can certainly learn from each other. The Moon can teach Saturn to loosen up and think creatively, and Saturn can teach the Moon to be disciplined and focused.

It’s like they say, opposites attract. And in this case, they might just make a great team if they can find a way to work together.

An imaginary conversation between the Moon and Saturn

Scenario – Moon and Saturn are going to be in the same team to work on a project.

Moon: Alright, Saturn, we have to work together on this project. What ideas do you have?

Saturn: Well, I was thinking we could approach this project with a strict and structured plan.

Moon: (disapprovingly) Ugh, Saturn, that sounds so boring. We need to add some creativity and spontaneity to this project!

Saturn: (firmly) No, Moon, we need to be practical and make sure we stay on track.

Moon: (frustratedly) But if we don’t add some unique and artistic elements, no one is going to be interested in this project.

Saturn: (defensively) That’s not true. We can make it engaging without sacrificing structure.

Moon: (rolling her eyes) Okay, but how about we add some moonlight and magic to the project? It will make it more enchanting and captivating.

Saturn: (skeptically) And how will that contribute to the success of the project?

Moon: (passionately) Trust me, Saturn. People will be drawn to it and it will be a huge success.

Saturn: (doubtfully) I’m not convinced. We need to stay practical and focused.

Moon: (exasperatedly) But we can’t be so focused that we lose sight of the bigger picture. We need to think outside the box!

Saturn: (firmly) No, Moon, we need to stick to the plan and not get sidetracked by your whimsical ideas.

Moon: (pouting) Fine, Saturn. Do it your way. But don’t come crying to me when this project falls flat and no one cares.

Saturn: (shrugging) Suit yourself, Moon. But I know my way will lead to success.

Moon: (muttering to herself) We’ll see about that.

Remedies for Moon – Saturn Conjunction

By transit, the Moon meets with Saturn once a month for 2.5 days. Currently, Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius. So when the moon transits Aquarius (monthly occurrence), we will experience their conjunction.

You can discover information about these conjunctions and potential remedies by using the align27 app.

Timings for the upcoming conjunction

New York – May 12, 2023 02:48 pm to May 14 05:53 pm
London – May 12, 2023 07:48 pm to May 14 10:53 pm
Chennai – May 13, 2023 00:19 am to May 15 03:23 am

View Local Timings

If we are unaware of their energies, this conjunction can lead to frustration, dullness and a feeling of being trapped. But once you understand the nature of these planets, it becomes a lot easy to manage them.

Here are some remedies that can help you

  1. Listening to Hanuman Chalisa, a devotional hymn to Lord Hanuman, is believed to be effective in managing this conjunction.
  2. Listening to Kalabhairav Ashtakam, a hymn dedicated to Lord Kalabhairava, is also believed to be powerful in mitigating any negative effects of this conjunction.
  3. Donate to those in need. This can be in the form of food, clothes, money or any other resources that can be of help to others.
  4. For personalized remedies based on your birth chart, you can download the align27 app. By analyzing your birth chart, this app can provide you with personalized recommendations based on your unique astrological profile.