This post is part of the Cosmic Conversations – A series of imaginary stories written by Archana Patchirajan to help understand the nature of planets and their subtle qualities!

Mercury hosted a big party and invited all the planets to join.

Mercury to all – Thanks guys for joining in. As you know I am all about partying and having fun – I wanted to infuse some youthful enthusiasm in our group so I planned this party! Lets have some fun.

Saturn interrupted – Mercuryyyyyyyy (as slowly as possible), how can we all have fun when you are the only one who is talking, how is it fair?

Mercury – Well, lets play a game then – why don’t each one of you give your humble opinion and thoughts about me..

Before mercury could ask who wants to go first Mars volunteered.

Mars – Merc, you are good. I like you. When I am aggressive I use the quality of your speech to justify myself lol! You make me very pursuant. I am able to express my energy not just in action but in words as well, with you by my side I can win any argument! And I am able to perceive well with your help! But dude, don’t make me take sides…

Sun – ahem (clearing throat and starts royally), mercury u follow me way too closely so most of the time you and I are together in people’s chart… and its not my fault though that I combust you, thats only because you come too close to me sometimes..I am the king and you are a prince, so when you are ahead of me I shine my light on you and make all your qualities like communication, intelligence, logic, writing etc shine with my light.

Moon – Because I disowned you (according to a mythological story) even though my intentions were correct, you consider me as your enemy. But I can never look at you as my enemy. After all I am caring and nurturing and yes am getting a little emotional now as well. (Wipes tears) and continues…
I am the mind and you are the intellect, so when both of us are in sync we can create wonders!
You make me feel at home wherever I am, You help me explore ways to get out of any unfavorable situations (chokes of gratitude).. You also make me research and examine thing carefully when most of the times people take advantage of my heart first attitude. With you I feel more charismatic dear mercury! But because you consider me as your enemy I sometimes feel over sensitive.. and I sometimes fear situations because of you and I feel too much of a chatter within my mind and that causes me to worry…

Jupiter – Mercury! I consider you as my enemy, because when the intellect (you) is too high, people find it hard to listen to my wisdom! You consider me neutral because you speak a lot and when you are with me you can speak with wisdom and knowledge! Since you are so quick, you don’t let me study anything deeply – you want me to run at your speed always? So when both of us are associated we have good knowledge of a range of subjects but we sometimes lack the depth. We talk a lot and dream of big ideas but we seldom put that into action! (The room was filled with a sudden burst of laughter from mars and rahu) – Jupiter looks at them and that one single look silences both of them and Jupiter continues – But I like your appetite of wanting to know more and gather more information. We are insatiably curious when we are together! We also stir up a lot of interest for singing, dancing and musical instruments. God bless you mercury! But may God bless the rest of the universe when you are in Retrograde! Jaigurudev!

What did Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu think about it?
Will continue it in Part 2 of this post!