Mars will transit into the sign of Leo from June 30th until August 18th, 2023.

When Mars transits through Leo, the stage is set for a dynamic and fiery display of energy. Leo, being ruled by the Sun, is a sign associated with confidence, creativity, and self-expression. Mars, the planet of action and assertion, amplifies these traits, infusing individuals with a surge of passion and a desire to shine.

During this transit, the energy is so vibrant and animated that even the most mundane tasks become theatrical performances.

Mars in Leo is like the love-struck hero or heroine in a cheesy romantic comedy. It’s all about grand gestures, over-the-top declarations of affection, and rehearsed pick-up lines that could make even the most serious person crack a smile.

Your Predictions for Mars in Leo 

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Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius – Order meets adventure, discipline meets passion

On one hand, we have Mars in Leo, strutting around with an inflated ego and a flair for the dramatic. And then we have Saturn in Aquarius, the old-school disciplinarian who has seen it all and insists on following the rules. Saturn in Aquarius brings a sense of structure and responsibility to the mix, like the teacher who refuses to let the class get away with shenanigans.

Mars in Leo teaches us the value of confidence and self-expression, while Saturn in Aquarius reminds us of the importance of discipline and responsibility.

Cosmic Chit-Chat between Mars and Saturn

Here is an imaginary chit-chat between Mars and Saturn, offering insight into their energy and dynamics during this transit where both planets aspect each other and oppose each other, creating a Push vs Pull effect that we could experience.

Mars: Hey, Old School Saturn, you seem a bit rigid and stuck in your ways. What’s the deal with all those rings?

Saturn: Ah, Rebellious Mars, always the firebrand. Those rings you’re referring to represent the beauty and order that comes with a structured system. Unlike your chaotic and unpredictable nature.

Mars: Chaotic? Unpredictable? That’s just who I am! I thrive on adventure, exploration, and pushing boundaries. I’m all about taking risks and breaking free from the norm. Your rings seem so confining.

Saturn: Confined? They provide structure and stability. While you’re off causing commotion and disruption, my rings keep everything in line. They ensure that things run smoothly and efficiently. It’s about finding balance and embracing the discipline that comes with it.

Mars: But isn’t there more to life than just order and discipline? What about the thrill of the unknown, the excitement of discovery? I may be impulsive, but that’s what makes me unique. I bring the element of surprise and passion to the table.

Saturn: True, there is value in spontaneity and the thrill of the unknown. However, one must also consider the consequences of such actions. While you may find excitement in your impulsiveness, it can lead to unintended consequences and disruptions that others have to deal with.

Mars: Maybe so, but I believe progress comes from taking risks and challenging the status quo. It’s through exploration and pushing boundaries that we make breakthroughs and evolve. You, on the other hand, seem content with the same old routine.

Saturn: Routine is not always a bad thing, my fiery friend. It provides a sense of stability and allows for steady growth. While you may leap ahead without looking, I take measured steps and ensure that progress is sustainable and beneficial in the long run.

Mars: Well, maybe we’re not so different after all. Your structure and discipline have their place, just as my passion and drive do. Perhaps we can learn from each other and find a way to strike a balance between our approaches.

Saturn: I must admit, Mars, your energy is infectious, and your courage to explore is admirable. Maybe it’s time for me to loosen up a bit and embrace a bit more spontaneity. And who knows, with a little structure, you might just avoid some unnecessary chaos.

Mars: Sounds like a plan, Saturn. Let’s find that balance and show the universe what we can achieve together.

Saturn: Agreed, Mars. 

Remedies for Mars – Saturn Opposition (mutual aspect)

  1. You can also honor Lord Hanuman by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa or chant the mantra “Aum harimarkata markataya svaha”.
  2. Mars is the natural 8th house lord and Saturn is the Karaka of the 8th house. So chanting the mantra “Aum Namo Bhagavate Rudraya” can help to deal with this energy. 
  3. Take a commitment to write mantras like “Aum Namah Shivaya” or “Aum Namo Narayana” or any of your favorite mantras every day for a minimum of 40 days. Mars represents ink and Saturn represents commitment and things that we do for a longer period of time without a break. So this can help you beyond what you can imagine. In Mantras: Words of Power, Swami Radha describes Likhita Japa as “the written version of repeating mantra…the mantra is written down in lines like sentences, or in shapes and forms…in any design that will help to reinforce your devotions…this repetitive writing brings peace, poise and strength within.”
  4. Light a lamp every morning and an incense stick every evening. 
  5. Read the scriptures, and spend a few minutes every day reading few pages of any ancient scripture that resonates with you. 
  6. Donate to people who need eye-related treatments. 
  7. For personalized remedies based on your birth chart download the align27 app