Unlock the Power of Cosmic Timing for Your Team!

align27 utilises the ancient wisdom of Vedic astrology for improved workplace performance.

Tap into the collective energies of team members to determine the most favorable times for key business activities, ensuring that every action taken is in harmony with the cosmic rhythms.

Your team’s day:

Using thousands of calculations we determine for you the favoribility of your team’s collective day. We’ll let you know if it’s in World Domination, Peak Performance, Focused Effort or Extra Effort.

The Team Ninja and the One You Should Cut Some Slack:

Advantage ⭐: This ninja is the biggest contributor to a moment or day’s favorability

Touch Base 👁: This person may need you to cut them a bit of slack during this time – go easy on them.

The quality of each moment:

We divide your day into ‘Moments’, each with its own favorability; Supreme, Excellent, Persist or Attention.

Plan and strategize for 90-days:

View a planning calendar with all of the above so you can optimize and schedule meetings, events and plans accordingly.

Find Dates:

Discover optimum dates for key business activities.

Benefits of using align27 for Teams:

  1. Optimal Timing for Communications
    Maximize Marketing Impact: Use auspicious timing for emails and campaigns, and tailor strategies for personalized engagement based on astrological insights.
  2. Team Productivity
    Schedule tasks during peak productivity, align team schedules, and assign tasks based on strengths for a harmonious, productive work environment.
  3. Meetings and Pitches
    Schedule important meetings, presentations, and pitches during auspicious time windows to enhance your chances of success.
  4. Strategic Planning
    Plan at the right time to make well-informed decisions about the direction and growth of the company.
  5. Innovation and Creativity
    Encourage brainstorming sessions, innovation challenges, and creative thinking exercises during periods that promote inventive thinking and problem-solving.
  6. Big Launches
    Plan product launches, marketing campaigns, departments and promotions during favorable periods to enhance their effectiveness.
  7. Financial Activities
    Make crucial financial decisions, investments, and transactions when the cosmic energies align in your favor, potentially increasing profitability.
  8. Legal and Contractual Matters
    Choose auspicious times for signing contracts, negotiations, and legal proceedings to increase the likelihood of favorable outcomes.
  9. Business Optimization
    Coordinate activities such as inventory management, shipping, procurement etc. during astrologically auspicious times to minimize disruptions.