Toward the end of his life, Mulla Nasruddin declared one day that he had always been miserable, but that suddenly he had become happy. The entire population of the village was struck with wonder that a man who had always been depressed, who had always seen the dark side of things, should suddenly become cheerful.

Here was a man who had always been pessimistic, who had always looked for thorns. Once there had been an excellent apple crop in Nasruddin’s garden. There had been so many apples that the trees were overloaded. One man in the neighborhood had wondered whether Nasruddin had any complaints now: “This time the crop is such that it will rain gold. What do you think, Nasruddin?” he said. In great sorrow, Nasruddin replied, “Everything is okay, but where will I get rotten apples to feed the animals?” Such a man always remains miserable: “Where will I get rotten apples to feed the animals?” All the apples were good, none were rotten –this was his difficulty. But suddenly one day this man became happy, and so the people of the village were curious. They asked, “You are happy, Nasruddin! What is your secret?” Nasruddin said, “I have learned to cooperate with the inevitable. After many years of struggling, I have realized something. I have decided that what must be, must be. Now I cooperate with the inevitable, so there is no reason to be miserable. Now I am happy.”

Astrology investigates many things. It does not unnecessarily struggle against whatever is to be. It does not demand or reach out toward whatever is not to be. It lends a cooperative hand to whatever is inevitable. Astrology is a means for making man religious, for bringing him to suchness, for bringing him to an ultimate acceptance.

The universe is a living body, an organic unity. In it, nothing is isolated, all is connected. Whatever is far away is connected to that which is near, nothing is separate. So no one should remain in the fallacy that he is an island: isolated, separate, aloof. Everything is connected to the whole, and everything is all the time affecting others and being affected by others.

A tiny blade of grass has an impact on the sun, and the sun has an impact on the blade of grass. The blade of grass is not so tiny that the sun can say, “I do not care about you,” nor is the sun so big that it can ask, “What can this blade of grass do for me?” Life is interconnected. Here, nothing is big or small; everything is one organic unity. Life is a whole. If you can perceive this wholeness you will understand astrology, otherwise you will not.

– Osho