We all go through a lot of changes in our lives. Some periods could have life-transforming (positive and negative) effects on us.

There are many ways to identify these periods in your life. But here are a few of them.

  1. Dasha Sandhi – “Dasha” in Sanskrit indicates planetary periods. There are 9 planets and according to Parashara , each planet has a particular time period and they all fall in a certain sequence. For example Rahu’s period is 18 years followed by Jupiter which lasts for 16 years. Sandhi means junction. So the last few months of the Rahu period and the first few months of the Jupiter period are very transformative. So it is important for you to know when these Dasha Sandhis occur based on your birth chart. The Cosmic Insights app has a feature called Dasha Sandhi which shows you these periods. For more info visit – cosmic27.com/dashasandhi
  2. Sade Sati – This is the most dreaded 7.5 years of Shani in the 12th, 1st and 2nd house from your natal Moon. Sade Sati is not always bad, its really a powerful time to change for the better if we allow Shani to work on us. If you know that you are on your Sade Sati the main thing to do is to keep life simple, spend more time in spiritual practices and selfless service, when you do this, this period can help you transform for the better. For more info visit – cosmic27.com/sadesati
  3. Transit Planets over Natal Planets – The period when transit planets conjunct natal planets can also trigger important changes in life. This also includes the “Returns” phase. When a planet by transit comes to the same point as the natal point, we call it a return. For example if you have Saturn in Capricorn, then currently by transit as Saturn is in Capricorn, it will be called Saturn Returns for you. Similarly for Raju/Ketu we call it a Nodal Return. You can find this on the Cosmic Insights app – cosmic27.com/transitPlanets
  4. There is a concept called Atma Karaka – Soul Planet. The Dasha of your Atma Karaka planet and when planets transit over or aspect your Soul Planet it can indicate a transformative phase. For more info visit – cosmic27.com/soulplanet
  5. Eclipses – During certain Dashas and if you have any natal planet involved in the eclipse, then they can be very transformative. For more info – cosmic27.com/eclipses