They’re like, “Breakup? Okay, next!” Ashwini is all about speed. They’re onto healing faster than a horse out of the gates. They might even have a post-breakup action plan ready before the breakup actually happens. Suddenly, they’re running marathons, signing up for triathlons, or basically doing anything that involves moving fast. They believe in sweating out the sadness – literally.


They could dive into a TV series binge-watching marathon. They’re not just watching a show; they’re living it. By the end of it, they might even start giving unsolicited life advice to the characters. From rearranging their entire house to taking up extreme sports, they’re all about making big changes.


Expect a bold fashion transformation. They’re not just changing their wardrobe; they’re starting a personal style revolution. Think bold, bright, and fiery – just like their personality. Suddenly, they’re the life of every party. They’re not just socializing; they’re on a mission to prove that single life is the best life.


They book themselves a spa day because if you’re going to recover from a breakup, you might as well do it while getting a hot stone massage and a seaweed wrap. They hit the malls for some serious retail therapy. They’re not just buying a new outfit; they’re shopping for a whole new persona.


They could start a hundred different hobbies in a week. Monday is pottery, Tuesday is French lessons, by Wednesday they’re into salsa dancing, and by the weekend, they’re not sure if they’re coming or salsa-ing. They decide to go off the grid. No more Instagram or Facebook. Two days later, they’re back because, let’s be honest, how else will they share their epic sunrise yoga pics?


One minute they’re crying in the rain like they’re in a dramatic music video, the next they’re laughing hysterically at a meme. With Ardra’s connection to storms, their emotions are a whirlwind. They might dive into building or fixing gadgets. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a mission.


They might take up traveling, not just to escape the memories but to find joy in new experiences. Whether it’s backpacking across Europe or a weekend road trip, they’re on the move. With their affinity for making anywhere feel like home, they might start redecorating their space as a way to heal. It’s therapeutic and a great way to channel their inner interior designer.


They start volunteering at every possible place, spreading joy like they’re on a mission from Brihaspati himself. “I’m here to nourish your soul, one canned food donation at a time!”

Suddenly, they’re into DIY projects. They’re building bookshelves, knitting scarves, maybe even constructing a replica of the Taj Mahal out of toothpicks. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a mission to prove they’re totally fine (while possibly questioning their life choices).


They might start reading every mystery novel they can find. It’s not just a distraction; they’re honing their detective skills to investigate where the relationship went wrong (and maybe to understand why their ex’s new profile pic looks so cryptic). They’re doing yoga, but not just any yoga. We’re talking about complex poses that look like they’re preparing to join Cirque du Soleil. It’s less about relaxation, more about mastering the art of contortion.

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First off, they might treat themselves to a luxurious retreat. It’s not just a spa day; it’s a royal rejuvenation session. Think Cleopatra-style milk baths and rose petal showers. Expect them to binge-watch epic historical dramas and fantasize about being a misunderstood monarch or a brave knight. It’s less about escapism and more about drawing parallels to their own royal saga.

Purva Phalguni

Their Instagram becomes a mix of inspirational quotes and dramatic selfies. “Here’s me looking fabulous, because the best revenge is living well (and great lighting).” Telling their breakup story becomes an Oscar-worthy performance. “And then I said… (pause for dramatic effect)… ‘It’s not you, it’s me.’ Cue thunderous applause.”

Uttara Phalguni

They binge-watch historical epics, seeing themselves as the protagonist overcoming great adversity. “Ah, another battle lost in love, much like Alexander the Great… but with less conquering.” They begin penning their memoir, detailing the rise, fall, and resurgence of their love life. It’s not just a diary; it’s a saga fit for the shelves of history.


They might start reading everyone’s palms at parties. “Ah, your heart line says you’re destined for love. Mine? It just says I’m allergic to jerks.” They start writing poetry by moonlight, with each poem more dramatic than the last. “My heartbreak? It’s not a story, it’s an epic poem.”


They’re binge-watching every martial arts movie, taking notes. “If Bruce Lee can fight a whole dojo, I can definitely handle a breakup.” They create a “Chitra Gupta’s Records of Exes” spreadsheet with detailed entries for each past partner. “Ah yes, let me consult the sacred records of my exes to remember why I’m single again.”


Swati knows that healing after a breakup is a breeze – literally. They’ll blow away their sorrows with the wind of change and a cool attitude. They rise from the ashes of heartache with a new wardrobe and a better Tinder profile.


Vishakha handles breakups like they’re setting a new world record for the fastest breakup recovery. They sprint through heartache like Usain Bolt on a caffeine high! They’re like a yogi in a chocolate factory, seeking enlightenment while nibbling on truffles.


They say ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’ Well, Anuradha’s ex just turned them into the next superhero! They don’t worry, they’ll just add ‘heartbreak survivor’ to their list of accomplishments.


After a breakup, they channel their inner detective to uncover the mysteries of their ex’s behavior, complete with a magnifying glass and Sherlock hat. They don’t cry over spilled love; they treat breakups like a temporary inconvenience in the grand scheme of their fabulous lives.

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They treat it like a root canal for the heart – painful, but necessary for growth. They are likely to join a gardening club to reconnect with their roots – literally.

Purva Ashada

They are so fierce that even breakups have a tough time suppressing their spirit. They bounce back like a rubber ball. They embark on a spiritual journey to understand the purpose of life, one broken heart at a time.

Uttara Ashada

While others may binge-watch breakup movies, Uttara Ashadha binge-reads ancient philosophical texts to gain insight into the nature of suffering. Instead of stalking their ex on social media, they meditate on the impermanence of digital connections and seek inner peace.


They turn to their favorite podcast on ancient wisdom and enlightenment to find solace, leaving their friends wondering if they’re searching for relationship advice from sages. They respond to consoling friends with cryptic Zen koans, leaving everyone scratching their heads in confusion.


They don’t just delete their ex’s number; they perform a sacred ritual to banish it to the cosmic void. Their idea of rebounding involves immersing themselves in selfless service to humanity, as if they can cure heartbreak with acts of charity.


They might consider turning into a modern-day sage. Think Yoda but less swampy. They retreat into their own version of a cave (probably a room full of books and obscure music), emerging only for essentials like food, Wi-Fi, and the occasional social media stalking of their ex. They’ll analyze the breakup like it’s a cryptic ancient manuscript.

Purva Bhadrapada

They believe in the power of introspection, so they schedule daily “breakup debrief” sessions with themselves to analyze their feelings. Their post-breakup makeover includes getting a tattoo of a meaningful Sanskrit mantra. Their breakup recovery plan involves a pilgrimage to a remote spiritual retreat to find solace and enlightenment.

Uttara Bhadrapada

They don’t just change their relationship status on social media; they change their entire life status! They don’t unfollow their ex; they send them a PDF on the art of detachment. Their idea of a rebound relationship involves rebounding between yoga mats and self-help books.


They channel their post-breakup energy into volunteering and helping others, spreading love even in the face of heartbreak. They send their ex a “Parting Gift,” a book on the psychology of breakups, with a note saying, “In case you ever wonder why I’m so awesome.”

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