Lord Hanuman’s unwavering devotion is the key to bolstering the influence of Saturn in your life! After Lord Rama’s triumphant return from Lanka, accompanied by Sita and Lakshman, it was Lord Hanuman who radiated boundless joy and enthusiasm. He took it upon himself to serve Lord Rama tirelessly, leaving his brothers, Lakshmana, Bharat, and Shatrughna, feeling somewhat left out.

In their quest to contribute to their beloved Lord Rama’s service, the brothers approached Goddess Sita for guidance. To their surprise, even Sita acknowledged that Lord Hanuman had been lightning fast in attending to all of Lord Rama’s needs, leaving nothing for her to do. Determined to rectify this, they meticulously compiled a list of tasks required for Lord Rama’s service, assigning themselves responsibilities and excluding Lord Hanuman. When they presented this list to Lord Rama, he noticed Lord Hanuman’s absence but empathized with their situation and approved the list.

Upon seeing the list, Lord Hanuman, with tears in his eyes, approached Sita and Lakshmana, offering to perform any overlooked service. Lakshmana, convinced that everything was accounted for, agreed. It was then that Hanuman volunteered for the “yawning service,” vowing to snap his fingers to protect Lord Rama from any potential ill effects when he yawned. Touched by Hanuman’s innocence and devotion, Sita agreed.

Since no one can predict when a yawn will occur, Lord Hanuman remained by Lord Rama’s side at all times, ever vigilant and ready to snap his finger. As night fell, Lord Rama instructed Hanuman to get some rest, but Hanuman couldn’t bear to leave his Lord’s side. He stood on the balcony, continuously snapping his fingers and chanting Lord Rama’s name throughout the night. Lord Rama started yawning repeatedly, and his mouth became stuck, leaving everyone in the kingdom puzzled.

Ultimately, they discovered Lord Hanuman on the terrace, snapping his fingers and calling out to his Lord. When they stopped him, Lord Rama immediately recovered. It turned out that Lord Rama had been yawning in response to Lord Hanuman’s finger snaps, even though everyone believed it was the other way around. This incident demonstrated the profound love shared between Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman, emphasizing that pure devotion and love are always embraced by God.

After this episode, Sita, Lakshmana, and others recognized the unparalleled devotion and love Lord Hanuman had for Lord Rama, and they decided that he should continue to carry out all the services for his Lord.

This story exemplifies the immense power of devotion, love, and selfless service.

Yasya tvetaani chatvaari
vanarendra yathaa tava l
Smrutir dhrutir matir daakshyam
sa karmasu na seedati ll 1.198 l
– Verse from Sundara Kandam

“Whoever has the four qualities – Determination, Vision, Intelligence and Perfection – will never fail in any task!”

These qualities are valuable in navigating the energies of Saturn, aligning with the lesson Saturn teaches us. This is the reason why worshipping Lord Hanuman can help us harness and manage Saturn’s energies effectively.

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