Based on our birth chart, there is a planet, that creates unseen obstacles and annoyance in our lives. This is based on the concept called Badhaka which was explained in Prasna Marga by the author Harihara.

Badhaka, derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Badha’, meaning obstacle or hindrance, represents the forces that create challenges or blockages in an individual’s life. In astrology, it is believed that certain house in a person’s birth chart are designated as Badhaka houses, and the planet ruling this house (Badhakesh) can cause difficulties.

How to find Badhaka houses in your birth chart?

For all movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) the 11th house becomes the Badhaka.

For all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) the 9th house becomes the Badhaka.

For all the dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) the 7th house becomes the Badhaka.

How to find the Badhaka planets in your birth chart?

Badhakesh is the planetary ruler of the Badhaka house. This planet, depending on its placement and aspects in the birth chart, can signify the nature and source of obstacles an individual may encounter. For example, if Mars is the Badhakesh, the challenges might be related to aggression or competition.

Here is the list of planets for every Ascendant Sign

How to use the Cosmic Insights App to find your Badhaka and Badhakesh?

The “Badhaka” feature of the Cosmic Insights app will help you find more details of Badhaka and Badhakesh in your chart.

Search for “Badhaka” or tap this link to open this feature on your Cosmic Insights App.

Powerful Remedies to remove obstacles caused by Badhaka and Badhakesh

Lord Ganesha is revered as the remover of obstacles. Each zodiac sign has a specific form of Lord Ganesha associated with it. By worshipping the form of Lord Ganesha linked to 4 particular signs based on your badhaka and badhakesh, one can seek divine assistance in overcoming life’s hurdles.

The 4 signs are:

  1. Sign where the Badhaka is
  2. Sign opposite to it (7 houses away)
  3. Sign where the badhakesh is placed
  4. Sign opposite to it (7 houses away)

You can chant the Ganesha mantra associated with these signs for 27 days.

Use the Cosmic Insights App to find your mantras

  1. Open the Spirituality feature on the Cosmic Insights App either by tapping here or searching for “Spirituality” in the app.
  2. You can view the list of 4 mantras there that you can chant to overcome obstacles.

Another Important Remedy based on Badhakesh

  • Sun, Ketu, or Mars: Light a lamp and offer it to the Lord Ganesha on Tuesdays for Mars and Ketu and Sundays for the Sun.
  • Moon or Venus: Offer water and food to Lord Ganesha on Fridays for Venus and Mondays for Moon.
  • Saturn or Rahu: Offer incense sticks or dhoop to Lord Ganesha on Saturdays.
  • Mercury: Offer chandan (sandalwood) or perfumed oil to Lord Ganesha on Wednesdays.