Panchang – The Vedic Almanac

“Panch” means “five” and “Ang” means “limbs” or “parts” in Sanskrit. So, “Panchang” literally translates to “Five Limbs” or “Five Parts.” In the context of Vedic astrology and calendars, these five limbs refer to the 5 sources of energy that influences any given day.

  • Vara (Fire Element): The day of the week, which is associated with a particular planet (Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, or Saturn).
  • Tithi (Water Element): The lunar day or phase of the moon. It is a fundamental component of the Indian lunar calendar and divides the lunar month into 30 parts.
  • Nakshatra (Air Element): The lunar mansion or constellations through which the moon passes. There are 27 Nakshatras in Vedic astrology.
  • Yoga (Space Element): A combination of specific angles between the sun and moon, which is used to determine auspicious and inauspicious times during the day.
  • Karana (Earth Element): A Karana constitutes half of a Tithi (Lunar Day) and is associated with creation, action and karma we generate.

Panchang is a valuable tool for planning daily activities in alignment with astrological and auspicious considerations in Vedic traditions.

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Vara – The Solar Day

Vara refers to the day of the week. In Vedic Astrology each day begins at Sunrise and ends at Sunrise of the next day. Each day of the week is associated with a particular planet in Vedic astrology.

  • Sunday (Ravivāra): Associated with the Sun (Surya).
  • Monday (Somavāra): Associated with the Moon (Chandra).
  • Tuesday (Mangalavāra): Associated with Mars (Mangal).
  • Wednesday (Budhavāra): Associated with Mercury (Budha).
  • Thursday (Guruvāra): Associated with Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati).
  • Friday (Shukravāra): Associated with Venus (Shukra).
  • Saturday (Shanivāra): Associated with Saturn (Shani).

Understanding the qualities linked to each day of the week is crucial for identifying suitable tasks and endeavors for that specific day.

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Sunday (Sun’s Vara):

Sunday, associated with the Sun, is considered “fixed” and is favorable for activities related to stability and strength. It is also suitable for endeavors involving:

  • Gold and Precious Metals: Investing in gold and precious metals, trading in these commodities, or buying jewelry.
  • Horse-related Sports: Participating in horseback riding, horse racing, etc
  • Craftsmanship: Engaging in woodworking or metalwork.
  • Archaeology: Exploring historical sites, conducting archaeological research, or collecting artifacts.
  • Perfume and Fragrances: Creating, buying or selling perfumes and fragrances.
  • Wildlife and Forest Preservation: Supporting wildlife sanctuaries, tree-planting, or forest preservation projects.
  • Law Enforcement and Security: Dealing with politicians, leaders, law enforcement, security, or public workers
  • Medical Advancements: Researching medical breakthroughs or advancements in healthcare.
  • Trade and Commerce: Launching or expanding businesses related to trade and commerce.
  • Starting New Initiatives: Beginning new activities, starting a new project or accepting a job offer and starting a new job etc.

Monday (Moon’s Vara):

Monday, linked with the Moon, represents movement and adaptability. It’s ideal for activities related to change and flexibility, including:

  • Jewelry and Accessories: Designing, crafting, or selling jewelry and fashion accessories.
  • Artistic Pursuits: Engaging in painting, sculpture, music, or other creative endeavors.
  • Water-Related Activities: Cleansing and purification related activities.
  • Charitable Work: Participating in charity events, fundraising, or volunteering for social causes.
  • Women’s Empowerment: Supporting initiatives for women’s rights and gender equality.
  • Dairy related Projects: Buying dairy and other related products. Making Ghee.
  • Travel and Tourism: Planning vacations, travel adventures.
  • Music and Entertainment: Attending concerts, music festivals, or entertainment events.
  • Environmental Protection: Joining efforts to protect oceans, rivers, and other water bodies.
  • Medical Research: Medical research, especially related to women’s health.

Tuesday (Mars’s Vara):

Tuesday, associated with Mars, signifies determination and intensity. It’s suitable for ventures that require aggression and ambition, such as:

  • Mining and Metallurgy: Dealing with mining operations or metalworking industries.
  • Martial Arts and Combat Sports: Training in martial arts, self-defense, or combat sports.
  • Security and Law Enforcement: Dealing with security, private investigation, or law enforcement.
  • Military and Defense Activities: Dealing with armed forces or supporting defense industries.
  • Innovation and Technology: Initiating technological innovations and breakthroughs.
  • Leadership Training: Engaging in leadership development programs or workshops.
  • Health and Fitness Initiatives: Engaging in fitness activities or promoting healthy lifestyles.

Wednesday (Mercury’s Vara):

Wednesday, ruled by Mercury, represents versatility and adaptability. It’s beneficial for a wide range of activities, including:

  • Education and Intellectual Pursuits: Enrolling in educational courses, pursuing academic research, or intellectual discussions.
  • Communication and Media: Starting projects in journalism, public relations, or media production.
  • Business and Trade: Launching new businesses, negotiating contracts, or expanding trade networks.
  • Scientific Research: Conducting scientific experiments, studies, and research.
  • Writing and Publishing: Authoring books, articles, or blogs, and self-publishing.
  • Information Technology: Developing software, apps, or websites.
  • Social and Cultural Events: Organizing or participating in social and cultural gatherings.
  • Public Speaking and Debates: Delivering speeches, presentations, or participating in debates.
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting new ventures and exploring business opportunities.

Thursday (Jupiter’s Vara):

Thursday, governed by Jupiter, signifies expansion and growth. It’s ideal for activities that involve abundance and positivity, such as:

  • Wealth and Prosperity Rituals: Performing rituals for wealth and abundance.
  • Higher Education and Philosophy: Pursuing advanced degrees, philosophical studies, or mentoring.
  • Charity and Philanthropy: Donating to charitable organizations or engaging in philanthropic work.
  • Religious Ceremonies: Participating in religious rituals, temple visits, or spiritual gatherings.
  • Legal Matters and Contracts: Engaging in legal negotiations, signing contracts, or pursuing legal cases.
  • Temple Visits and Spirituality: Visiting temples, monasteries, or spiritual retreats.
  • Positive Affirmations and Blessings: Reciting affirmations, blessings, or mantras for positivity.
  • Financial Investments: Exploring investment opportunities and wealth management.

Friday (Venus’s Vara):

Friday, associated with Venus, represents love and beauty. It’s suitable for activities related to aesthetics and pleasure, including:

  • Artistic Endeavors and Exhibitions: Showcasing art, participating in art exhibitions, or exploring creative projects.
  • Fashion and Design: Designing clothing, fashion accessories, or promoting fashion brands.
  • Romance and Relationships: Going on dates, planning romantic getaways, or strengthening relationships. Social Gatherings and Parties: Hosting or attending parties, social events, and celebrations.
  • Entertainment and Leisure Activities: Enjoying entertainment, movies, theater, or leisure activities.
  • Cosmetic and Beauty Treatments: Indulging in beauty treatments, spa days, or cosmetic procedures.
  • Luxury and Indulgence: Experiencing luxury travel, dining, or purchasing high-end products.
  • Creative Arts and Performances: Participating in music, dance, theater, or artistic performances.
  • Wedding Ceremonies: Planning weddings or attending wedding celebrations.
  • Fine Dining and Cuisine: Exploring gourmet dining experiences and culinary pursuits.

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Saturday (Saturn’s Vara):

Saturday, ruled by Saturn, signifies discipline and restriction. It’s suitable for activities that require patience and resilience, including:

  • Agriculture and Farming: Engaging in agricultural activities, crop cultivation, or farming practices.
  • Elderly Care and Support: Providing care and support for elderly family members or volunteering at senior centers.
  • Archaeological Research: Conducting archaeological excavations, historical research, or preservation efforts.
  • Humility and Self-Reflection: Engaging in self-improvement practices, meditation, or mindfulness.
  • Antique and Vintage Collections: Exploring antiques, collecting vintage items, or attending antique fairs.
  • Financial Savings: Managing finances, budgeting, and saving money.
  • Charity Work and Philanthropy: Volunteering for charitable causes, supporting nonprofit organizations.