In her book, How to Make Money Using Astrology: Discovering Your Luck and Fortune astrologer Joni Patry talks about an interesting concept of Trines and Grand Trine. Here is an excerpt from the book.

Since we know what patterns produce wealth in an individual’s chart we can strategically find times using the transiting planets to mimic the natal aspects someone has, that has won the lottery or who has great wealth through their own doing. To find this specific time in our chart one of our own natal planets must be involved in the transiting patterns of luck to bring us wealth. But we must plan and be ready to make our move whether it involves buying a lottery ticket or starting out to find a job or opportunity. The one thing that was clear with the lottery winners was the trinal (120 degree) aspects of both Jupiter and Rahu or Ketu. Or, also not as powerful but good are the times that Jupiter or Rahu/Ketu sextile (60 degree) a personal point in our own charts.  

When a birth chart is endowed with natal trine aspects, a transiting planet will set off these trines which can create a grand trine in the chart. For example, a natal birth chart may have Venus 5 degrees of Leo and Saturn is at 6 degrees Sagittarius. When transiting Jupiter transits 5-6 degrees of Aries this will create a grand trine in this chart. The transit of Jupiter has filled in the missing area that hooks up all three planets and produces a time of fortune and luck. Jupiter is the planet revered for wealth and luck. Chart what sign Jupiter is currently transiting and compare the planets in your own birth chart to see when Jupiter will conjunct or trine any of your own personal planets. 

Jupiter trines planets that are of the same element. When transiting Jupiter is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces) you must find the planets in your chart that are in water signs. Then the times that Jupiter comes to the exact degree that you have a planet in a water sign means Jupiter will either trine or conjunct your planet. The conjunction is in the same sign.  

Chart the signs that Rahu and Ketu are transiting, and find the times they aspect your benefic planets (Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury). You are looking for the trines or conjunctions of these planets. Remember, Rahu and Ketu are always exactly in opposition to each other. If Rahu or Ketu are in trine or conjunction to a planet in your chart, then the opposite node (Rahu or Ketu) will always sextile this planet. For example, if you have planet Mercury at 8 degrees of Libra, and transiting Ketu is at 8 degrees of Gemini it will be casting a trine to your planet Mercury. 

The opposite point of Ketu is Rahu at 8 degrees of Sagittarius this would be sextile (60 degrees) your Mercury. When you can find a time when both transiting Rahu or Ketu and benefic Jupiter trine a point in you chart you are very lucky and should make plans to achieve you current goals, because you will be successful. To find the most auspicious time calculate the time that transiting Jupiter will cast a trine to another transiting planet and find the time they both cast a trine to only one of your natal planets. 

The difference here is there are two planets transiting which trine each other and your natal planet fills the empty point that creates the grand trine. It is hard to find a time when two planets exactly trine one of your natal planets. But it is sure to happen at some point. When you find these special dates you must make plans, for you are at your peak of luck. 

If you find a day that transiting Rahu trines transiting Jupiter and they both trine a natal planet in your chart then there will be a sextile from Ketu to this natal planet in your chart. This is the set up most of the lottery winners had in their charts. Or transiting Ketu trines transiting Jupiter and they both trine one natal planet in your chart, therefore Rahu will sextile this natal planet. This is your lucky day! This does require Jupiter to be in trine aspect to either Rahu or Ketu, which is not operating all the time, but it is worth the time to figure out when this aspect occurs.  

-Joni Patry,  How to Make Money Using Astrology: Discovering Your Luck and Fortune (pp. 177-182)

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