The Moon is changing every day, the phase of the Moon is changing, the Nakshatra it dwells in is changing, but do we really know how it influences us and how we can use the opportunity that the present moment is giving us to its fullest?

Every Full Moon and New Moon actually opens up an opportunity for you and a new lesson to learn to which depends on many factors, not only the Nakshatra that it dwells in, but even the chart of that exact moment is actually starting something for you in your personal cycle, and it somehow influences and triggers certain things in your personal birth chart too.

It sometimes triggers one of your sensitive points, it sometimes forms some auspicious and some not so auspicious moments in muhurta yoga and this is why for some people certain Full Moons and certain New Moons will be different, they will react completely differently to them.

The other very fascinating thing about your personal Nakshatra cycle is going deeper into and understanding the so called Nakshatra return. We all know about the Solar Return, when ever we have the Solar Return in a birth chart, in a sense your personal year is starting, but how about the return of Moon, is this as important as the Solar return?

The scriptures actually say that every time the Moon returns to your birth Nakshatra, on the day and the muhurta when it happens, it is as important, as this determines the quality of the month that is going to come ahead.

If you superimpose your Nakshatra return and when the Full Moons and New Moons are happening and you can even add on the ‘sankrantis’ of the Sun, then with these three factors together, you get a full picture of exactly what is going to happen in your life in the upcoming months.

This will help you plan things better and more efficiently, as well as using and making the most of the present moment without fighting against it. Because the moment you know that the universe is actually trying to teach you something and when you know what it is, it’s a little bit easier to plan and a little bit easier to just leave it to the universe and to surrender.