The “Today at a Glance” feature in the Cosmic Insights App provides a concise yet comprehensive summary of your daily astrological forecast. This feature uses your unique birth chart and the current positions of the planets to give you a personalized view of how your day might unfold. It’s an ideal tool for astrology enthusiasts who prefer a quick yet meaningful glance at their astrological influences, without the need for extensive analysis. This way, you can easily integrate astrology into your daily routine, gaining insights and guidance tailored specifically to you.

Today at a Glance – Key Insights

  1. Tarabala
  2. Chandrabala
  3. Transit Moon in Houses based on your Natal Moon and Ascendant
  4. Conjunction of Planets in 3 degree orb (transit planets, transit planets over natal planets)
  5. Aspects of Planets (transit and natal)
  6. Panchapakshi
  7. Panchang
  8. Auspicious and Inauspicious Daily Yogas
  9. Conjunction of transit Moon and House Lords.

How to access the “Today at a Glance” feature on the Cosmic Insights App

1. Download or open the Cosmic Insights app

2. On the Home Screen you will find the Today at a Glance module.

3. Tap on it to open and access this feature.