This is part 2 of the conversation of planets in Capricorn. You can read part 1 here.

Shani (Saturn) – Shukra (Venus) welcome to my home. Enjoy your time here, and if you need something, take care of it yourself. 

Shukra – Awww, Thank you Shani. 

Budha (Mercury) – Hi Shukra, What time did you arrive? What is your plan of action? Please be more specific and give me all the details. 

Shukra – Oh no! Not again, Budha you make me feel so low, I need my space and my freedom and I cannot live on a timetable. So, please! 

Surya – Oh my Gosh Shukra – You started already? I don’t know how I can put up with your whims and fancies. 

Shukra – Oh don’t worry Surya, you can keep quiet and maintain a low profile just like how you do at my home Thula (Libra).

Surya – Guru (Jupiter), please say something. You have been so lost ever since I have met you. 

Guru – 🤨

Shani – Oh, what is with all the useless conversations here? Remember, you are at my home and I am here as well. Usually, whenever you visit my home I am not there, and even though I have certain rules and regulations here, you guys still don’t follow them and do your own thing. Let me say it one more time slowly and clearly – My Home, My Rules. 

Shukra – Whatever 😍

Budha – 🥺

Surya – 🤔

Guru – 😷

Surya – Oh Budha what are you doing here? Why are you writing and rewriting things.. 

Budha – Well, I am retrograde, remember? 

Shukra – Now, I understand why I had booked the ticket for the wrong date! Uff.. How many times do you retrograde a year?

Guru – Now, I know why I am stuck in the same chapter reading it again and again and again, when am I going to complete this book. My Goodness!

Shani – Oh Budha, Oh dear, Now I know why I punished someone AGAIN for the same crime. 

Shukra – I double booked myself on a date, would you be interested Budha? But if you have to take your timetable, perfection, detail-oriented self to the date, forget it. It’s not going to work out. 

Shani – Ahem Ahem – I am still here! This will be the perfect time for anyone who is going against Dharma to face their consequences. 

Guru – Since our Mercury is retrograde, people should spend time doing Japa (repetition of mantras)

Shani – Why don’t they spend their time analyzing their patterns, and see why certain events keep happening again and again in their life? I am also tired of punishing them again and again, but they don’t seem to learn their lessons.

Guru (mind voice) – Punishing people is not the way to teach them. But why do I care? I myself feel punished here at your home (Capricorn). I am waiting to get out of here. 

Shukra – This is the best time for them to give another go at unfulfilled desires.

Budha – I am not confused anymore, as I have given up trying to understand what is going on in this transit for me.

Surya – 3 of you with 3 different advices, Let lord Shiva bless us all.