Parivartan yoga is a unique planetary combination in Vedic astrology that occurs when two planets exchange signs in each other’s ruling house.

Currently in the Sky, There is a Parivartan yoga between Mars and Mercury.


March 31, 2023 to May 10, 2023

Mars is in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury is in Aries ruled by Mars.

It is believed that this exchange of energy can enhance the positive qualities of each planet, leading to increased strength, success, and good fortune in the areas of life that they govern. However, One potential negative effect of Parivartan yoga is that it can create confusion or instability if the planets involved have different natures or are in tension with each other.

Here is an imaginary chit chat between Mars and Mercury that will help you understand how this exchange of energy works.

Mars: Hey, Mercury! What’s up, man! How u feeling at my home (Aries)?

Mercury: Not much, Mars. Just trying to get my thoughts organized and make sense of everything.

Mars: Haha! Good luck with that, buddy. You know aries is not the place for that. We usually don’t have time for all that thinking and analyzing.

Mercury: Hey, don’t knock it till you try it at my home(Gemini), Mars. We Mercury folks are all about using our minds to our fullest potential.

Mars: Yeah, but sometimes you get so lost in your own head that you forget to take action. That’s where us Mars people come in. We’re all about taking bold steps and making things happen.

Mercury: Bold steps, huh? Sometimes it feels like you Mars folks are a bit too impulsive for your own good.

Mars: Impulsive? We prefer to call it “seizing the moment.” Besides, you Mercury people can be too cautious and indecisive at times.

Mercury: Indecisive? We just like to weigh all the options and make informed choices. We don’t rush into things without thinking them through.

Mars: Yeah, but sometimes you can think so much that you never actually do anything. You need us Mars people to light a fire under you and get you moving!

Mercury: I suppose you have a point there, Mars. But let’s not forget that we Mercury people are the ones who keep the communication flowing and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Mars: Smoothly? Ha! That’s easy when everything is going according to plan. But when things get tough, that’s when us Mars folks really shine.

Mercury: Alright, alright. Let’s just agree to disagree, Mars. After all, we’re both in each other’s homes now. Let’s try and make it work. You can learn some of my strengths and I can do the same as well.

Mars: Agreed. But just remember, Mercury sometimes you need to take a risk and be bold. That’s how you make things happen!

Mercury: And sometimes you need to slow down and think before you act. That’s how you avoid mistakes, Mars.

Mars: Touché, Mercury. Touché.