Anjaneya or Hanuman dedicated every moment of his life, every wave of thought, every twitch of muscle, to his Master, Rama.
When Rama sent him in the southerly direction on the mission to search for Sita, he was neither elated on being thus recognised as an efficient instrument nor depressed as the dangerous nature of his task.
He knew that Rama would confer on him the skill and strength needed to fulfill the errand; in fact all his skill and all his strength were ‘His gifts’ to feed that he was too weak an instrument was, he concluded, an insult to Rama’s Omnipresence and Grace.

Hanuman was always engaged in the contemplation of Rama. Every hair on his body chanted the name of Rama. Hanuman is adored by devotees as an example of total devotion to the Lord. When some had doubts whether Hanuman could leap the ocean to search for Sita in Lanka, Hanuman told them that Rama had given him the task and He would also give him the strength to accomplish it. This absolute faith was the cause of his success.
Hence, to accomplish anything, firm faith is essential. Doubts have to be expelled. Everything that happens should be accepted as for one’s own good. That is the means to qualify for God’s grace. Hanuman exemplified complete freedom from doubts. He had only two desires. To be dear and near to Rama. Hanuman intensely yearned to be always near to Rama. He had no use for any object, however valuable, which did not proclaim the name of Rama. He threw away the pearl necklace presented to him by Sita because the pearls did not recite Rama’s name.

Rama declared: “Hanuman! No material object is fit enough to be given to you as a present. You live in the world of the Spirit. You have no attachment to the things of the world. Let you be present wherever my glory is sung.”