Rahu Kalam is a concept from Vedic astrology, which marks a period of time each day that is considered inauspicious for beginning new activities. Rahu is one of the nine planets (Navagraha) and is an invisible, shadow entity that represents the north node of the Moon. Rahu, being a malefic planet, could affect activities started during its period negatively.

The duration of Rahu Kalam varies daily and is calculated based on the sunrise and sunset times.

Things to Do During Rahu Kalam:

  1. Prayer and Meditation πŸ™πŸ½: Engage in spiritual practices, meditation, and chanting. These activities are said to negate the negative influences of Rahu.
  2. Reflective Introspection and Planning πŸ“: Use this time for self-reflection, journaling, or planning future activities. Rahu Kalam, being an inauspicious time for starting new ventures, offers a perfect pause in the day for introspection and strategic thinking.
  3. Remedial Measures for Rahu ✨: Performing remedies that pacify Rahu, such as chanting the Durga Mantra or donating to the needy, can be beneficial.

Things to Avoid During Rahu Kalam:

  1. Starting New Ventures πŸ’«: It’s advised to avoid initiating new projects, signing contracts, or beginning important tasks, as Rahu Kalam does not provide you the clarity that is needed.
  2. Important Decisions πŸ–‹οΈ: Making significant life decisions, such as proposals, investments, or entering into new business deals, should be avoided.
  3. Engaging in Financial Transactions πŸ’°: It’s advisable to avoid significant financial decisions or transactions, such as investments, trading, or lending money during Rahu Kalam.
  4. Starting Travel ✈️: Initiating a journey or travel during Rahu Kalam is believed to lead to delays, obstacles, or an unsatisfactory experience. It’s recommended to plan departures for a different time to ensure a smoother journey.
  5. Purchasing Electronics or Vehicles πŸš—: Buying items that are significant investments, such as electronics, cars, or other vehicles, is advised against during Rahu Kalam due to the higher risk of encountering issues with these purchases later on.
  6. Entering a New House or Office 🏠: Moving into a new home or office space, or performing a Griha Pravesh (housewarming ceremony), is not recommended during Rahu Kalam, as it’s believed to affect the positivity and prosperity of the new place.

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