The Ashwini Kumaras are 3rd generation of Adityas from their paternal side. They are Grand-children of Prajapati Daksha and Aditi (Mother of all the Adityas).

They are also the 3rd generation of universal creators, sculptors, energisers and healers from their maternal side. They are the grand-children of Tvastar “maker of all forms” and the “creator of Soma elixir”.

They were born as mortals under mysterious circumstances from the nostrils of their mother Saranyu (Cloud, Air, Wind, Protector) and father Martanda (Mortal Embryo and the last Solar Deity to be born to Aditi) when both had assumed the earthly form of horses.

The Ashwins are forces of “Prana Agni” or the life-force, which is quick in its action to stimulate, help, and initiate a new level of activity.

With their superior lineage they represent all the dualities in Yoga and the Vedanta, such as Prana Agni (Fire of Vital Force which is responsible for the digestion of Prana in the Body) and Soma (The Nectar/Ambrosia of the Mind).

They also represent the Yogic breath of Udana (upward moving) and Apana (descending) Vayus.

In Yoga, they represent the Ida (Solar bodily currents) and Pingala (Lunar bodily currents) on the Left and Right Side of the Body.

As demi-gods they represent the twin-gods Mitra (Solar deity of Friendship) and Varuna (The Solar deity of Oceans).

They represent the mortal attendants/ energy forms of two sons of Lord Shiva
– Skanda the commander in chief of the godly forces who was born from the seed of FIRE of Shiva, and
– Ganesha, the elephant-headed gate-keeper of Shakti. He epitomises wisdom and is born from Shiva’s feminine side or
Shakti (Parvati).

The Left side of our body is Goddess Shakti, representing Soma or Moon. Ganesh is therefore the manifest from this aspect.

The Right side of our body is Shiva, represents Agni or Sun. Skanda is manifest from this aspect.

When we worship both side of our body (Skanda and Ganesh) we are attuned to the cosmic principles and are performing the greatest Sacrifice AGNISTOMA or JYOTIR STOMA YAGNA.

A ceremonial sacrifice which indicates the idea of “raising the dead man’s soul to the heavens”.

It signifies elevating the human mind, breath and soul to the lokas of the Gods.

The Ashwini Kumaras being mortals were finally elevated by Indra at the behest of Chyavana Rishi to the ranks of the Devatas and were given the right to part-take in the Libation (Oblations of Soma) offered during Yagnas.