The Sun is transiting Magha Nakshatra currently and the Amavasya (New Moon) on August 18, 2020, will have the Moon conjoin the Sun in this Nakshatra.

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Magha Nakshatra – Ancestral Worship

Ancestral worship is an integral part of many cultures in the east. We inherit another just our physical characteristics and behavioral traits from our ancestors, but our consciousness as well. 

We are forever indebted to our ancestors, as without their presence it is not possible for us to be incarnated. We owe our very own life to them.

Magha Nakshatra has a special connection with the ancestor lineage, as the ruling deities of Magha Nakshatra are The Pitrs (ancestors or forefathers).  So the amavasya (new moon) in the nakshatra of Magha is extremely auspicious and important to remember and honor our ancestors and express our gratitude to them. The spiritual practices that you do helps your ancestors to find mukti or liberation and in return they send you blessings in abundance. 

Magha nakshatra is considered as the Emperor of nakshatras. Magha literally translates to “magnificent” or “mighty”.The Pitrs (our ancestors) rule this nakshatra. 

Often times we come across people who we think and judge as someone who truly is undeserving of the status, riches or good life that is bestowed on them. Our logical mind is unable to comprehend. In most cases, the person in question must have a planet in magha nakshatra. 

Magha nakshatra bestows prosperity based on our past life merits. The present is shaped by the past. 

Even if you do not have any planets in Magha nakshatra you can imbibe the power of the nakshatra by honoring your ancestors. 

Why is it important to honor our ancestors?

According to our scriptures, We as individuals are born with three debts that we have to pay off during this lifetime

  1. The debt to God or the Divine power that is running the show (Devas)
  2. The debt to our ancient seers and saints (Rishis)
  3. The debt to our ancestors (Pitrs)

Our ancestors are the one’s who have the most power to help us in our journey. The only requirement is we have to ask them to help us. They do not like to interfere on their own. Probably from the other side, they have realized that life is a game and sometimes they play the role of a spectator. But when you ask for help, they are readily available.

Rituals and Remedies

  1. Honor your ancestors, pray to them and seek their blessings and support.
  2. Draw your family tree.
  3. Donations in any form are extremely effective. It will help you get out of sins committed knowingly or unknowingly.
  4. Meditation – When you meditate it brings peace to your ancestors as well.
  5. Worship Lord Ganesha (as Magha nakshatra’s deity is Ketu) connected to the sign Leo by reciting the mantra – Aum Lambhodaraya Namah 108 times.
  6. The best way to honor your ancestors is to remember them, speak about them, make dishes that they like and sing a few bhajans with love and devotion. 

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