Me to moon – why do you affect us a lot?
Moon – I don’t do anything on my own! But other planets affect me and I relay that to you! And since I am so connected with you and am the one closest to you your mind gets affected!
Me – So which planet do you like the most?
Moon – hmm, I like Jupiter – He is full of wisdom and he makes me feel very expansive! He gives me high hopes! And let’s me dream big! 😇

Me – How about Venus ?

Moon – Yeah, I show my sensual side when am with Venus! Together we can make you appreciate beauty but we also have the ability to empty your pockets! 🤑

Me – What are your thoughts about Saturn ?

Moon – I fear him! He imposes restrictions on me! I feel bound! But I must admit when I open up to face him he can be so kind and loving and showers me with a lot of gifts! He is one of a kind! He can’t be understood, he has to be experienced with patience, open mindedness, resilience etc!🤭

Me – How about Rahu & Ketu?

Moon : They try to cheat you guys by making you believe them! They are full of illusion! And when they take over me – you have no way to know me in my purest form! Rahu gives you so many desires and ketu makes you a loner! It’s a long story but your whole life is to find a balance between them! If you understand them it makes my life easier!🤓

Me – How about mercury and mars?

Moon – it’s time for me to move to the next Nakshatra (lunar mansion) I probably speak a lot when I am with mercury! Mercury sometimes can make me think a lot unnecessarily and I am not the kind to think so much and use my intellect you know! Mars makes me impatient sometimes but he is my man of action! And at times we do end up doing something that we should not have 🙂 ! may be that’s why mars feels his lowest (debilitation) in my sign of cancer! And I feel my lowest in his sign of Scorpio ?!!!

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