Monthly Transits Summary

The monthly transits summary module is the one stop shop for all transit related information. It combines all the important transits that you should know about for that particular month.

Including – nakshatra and sign transits of planets, retrograde transits, pushkara transits, combustion transits, special events, transit planets over natal planets, yoga tara transits, etc.

You can find the monthly transits summary module on the Cosmic Insights app.

Transits and Dashas (Nakshatra details)

One of the most important ways to judge transits and Dasha/Antar Dasha is via Nakshatras. Using the concept of Navatara and Nadi Nakshatras we can map which Navatara and Nadi nakshatra gets activated based on Moon and Ascendant.

For example if Mars is currently transiting Bharani and your Natal Moon is in Shatabhishak Nakshatra, then from Shatabhishak, Bharani will be Sadhana tara promising Accomplishments during this transit.

Transits and Dashas (Nakshatra Details) module on the Cosmic Insights app shows you all the details.

Aditya of Houses

Every zodiac sign is connected to an Aditya. Adityas are divine beings responsible to provide all the resources of a zodiac sign.

Based on the area of your life, you can pray to that particular Aditya. For example if you need courage and strength you can pray to the Aditya ruling the sign occupied by the 3rd house in your chart. If you are a Taurus Ascendant, then you can pray to Varuna Aditya for courage and strength.

The Cosmic Insights app shows you the Adityas of Houses.

Tithi Pravesha

Tithi Pravesha is the most perfect method for defining the moment that is the closest in emulating the moment of birth. Hence, this is the ‘ truest astrological birthday ’ or rather ‘ birth moment ’. Pandit Sanjay Rath has made a series of videos that you watch to know about its significance and calculations.

You can use the Cosmic Insights app to see your Titihi Pravesha chart and the date/time of your exact Vedic Birthday!

Debilitation and Neecha Bhanga

Planets are said to be “Neecha” or “Debilitated” in certain signs.

The Sun gets debilitated in Libra, Moon in Scorpio, Mars in Cancer, Mercury in Pisces, Jupiter in Capricorn and so on..

There is a concept called Neechabhanga which signifies the cancelation of Debility.

A planet is said to be in Neechabhanga or have it’s debility canceled under the following scenarios

  1. The dispositor of the planet in Neecha (debility) should be in Kendra from Lagna or Chandra (Moon). For example if the Sun is debilitated in Libra, the dispositor Venus should be in Kendra (1, 4, 7, 10) from Lagna or Chandra.
  2. The Lord of the sign of exaltation of the planet should be in Kendra from lagna or Chandra. For example if Sun is debilitated in Libra, Sun gets exalted in Aries which is ruled by Mangal (Mars). So Mars should be in Kendra from Lagna or Chandra to bring Sun out of debility.
  3. If the planet in debility in the Rashi chart gets exalted in Navamsa or the D9 chart, then it can come out of debility.
  4. The sign where the debilitated planet is placed, if the planet that gets exalted in that sign is in Kendra from Lagna or Chandra then also the debility can get canceled causing Neechabhanga. For example if Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn, and Mars the planet that gets exalted in Capricorn is in Kendra from Lagna or Chandra, then the debility of Jupiter can get canceled.

You can check the Cosmic Insights app to see if you have debilitated planets in your chart and also to know if their debility is canceled.

Dig Bala

When Grahas (planets) have digbala they are strong in their directions. When planets have digbala in your chart , you can gain success by doing activities associated with that graha.

  1. Sun, Ketu and Mars get Digbala in the 10th House.
  2. Moon and Venus get Digbala in the 4th House.
  3. Mercury and Jupiter get Digbala in the 1st House or Lagna
  4. Saturn and Rahu get Digbala in the 7th House

You can check if you have planets in Digbala from both Lagna and Arudha Lagna on the Cosmic Insights app.

Sun in Digbala
Gives fame, dignity, leadership qualities and wealth

Moon in Digala
Gives a strong mind, security, emotional stability.

Mars in Digbala
Gives courage and strength to tackle problems in life.

Mercury in Digbala
Gives a sharp intellect, humor, kind heartedness and strength with numbers.

Jupiter in Digbala
Gives knowledge, wisdom, happiness, protection and blessings of the divine.

Venus in Digbala
Gives comfort, luxury, happiness from relationships, vehicles etc.

Saturn in Digbala
Gives strength, ability to work hard, consistency, etc

Karmas stored in Chakras

How much karma do you have stored in each of your chakras?

Understand how the macrocosm of planetary influences is connected to the microcosm of chakras within your subtle body.

Find out which chakra you need to work the most in this lifetime, as it indicates the biggest amount of karma stored in that chakra. It also reveals that the majority of your life lessons will come to you in this life through this chakra.

You can access this feature on the Cosmic Insights app.

Auspicious Days for Planets

There are certain days where a planet’s energy is amplified. For example Jupiter’s energy is felt more on Thursdays and on days when the Moon transits Jupiter’s Nakshatras (Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapada) and on tithis ruled by Jupiter (Panchami and Dwadashi – the 5th and 12th lunar days).

If suppose it is a Thursday and the Moon is in Punarvasu and it happens to be a panchami tithi, then for sure Jupiter’s energy is strongest on those days.

You can use this feature on the Cosmic Insights app to find powerful days for each planet

Explore Vara/Tithi/Nakshatra Yogas

The combination of Vara (week day), tithi (lunar day) and Nakshatra (constellation of the transit Moon) creates both positive and negative yogas. This is one of the best ways to know if a day is good or not.

If a day has a lot of positive yogas it strengthens the overall auspiciousness of the day and if a day has a lot of negative yogas then you may have to be watchful even if other factors are good.

You can learn more about these VaraTithiNakshatra Yogas in 2 modules on the Cosmic Insights app. The Panchang section and a dedicated module where you can see the whole list of yogas and view the upcoming dates for each one of them.