Here are some items that are best avoided for purchase on Saturn’s day (Saturday).

Iron: Acquiring items made of Iron or its alloys in any form is believed to bring ill fortune to the buyer and their family.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Donate objects made of iron to a place of worship. This act is believed to bring prosperity and improve business and wealth.

Oil: Mustard oil or vegetable oil should not be purchased on Saturdays as it is said to invite sickness into the home.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Donate oil to someone who provides some kind of service to you to appease Lord Shani.

Salt: Purchasing salt on Saturday is believed to bring debt to the buyer and their family members.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Place a cup of raw salt in the west direction of your home. The salt is thought to absorb negative energies. Once the salt has absorbed moisture, flush it down the kitchen drain without touching it.

Broom: Brooms are known for clearing and cleansing negative energies from the home. However, buying a broom on Saturdays is believed to bring poverty. It is advised to avoid purchasing brooms on Saturdays or Tuesdays.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Donate money to people who serve you on a Saturday and use a broom to sweep the house.

Ink: Buying books or study material on Saturdays is considered good, but purchasing ink (which represents Mars, a planet inimical to Saturn) on Saturdays is said to bring disgrace. It is recommended to avoid buying ink (including pens) on Saturdays.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Donate books and study materials to an orphanage.

Fuel: Fire holds auspicious significance in our culture, but it is advised not to buy fuel items such as kerosene, matchboxes, petrol, or other inflammable substances on Saturdays, as they may cause problems within the family.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Walk barefoot on green grass for 30-45 minutes on a Saturday.

Shoes: Avoid purchasing black leather shoes on Saturdays, as it is believed to result in work failures.

To receive Saturn’s blessings: Visit a Shani or Hanuman Temple wearing shoes, and return home barefoot, leaving the footwear behind.

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