Avoiding negative timings to do important activities is in itself one of the best remedies for your birth chart.

Avoid the below timings everyday to do anything auspicious in your life.

  1. Rahu Kalam – This is the time of Rahu. It is avoided for all beginnings, but if some tasks were started before Rahu Kalam they can be continued.
  2. Yamagandam – This is the time of Ketu. It has to be avoided especially for travel and medical treatments.
  3. Gulika Kalam– This is the time of Gulika who is the son of Saturn, and it can be avoided it is also said that whatever you do during Gulika Kalam can repeat itself. Though some believe that other than events that you do not want to repeat during this time, you can still use it. But it is best to stay away if you can.
  4. Panchapakshi Caution Timings – visit here to learn more about Panchapakshi.
  5. Mrityu Panchak – There are 5 blemishes called Panchaka Rahita. When picking the right time to do important activities it is important to pick a time that is free of these blemishes and one of the worst blemish is the Mrityu panchak.

Instead, you can use the above timings for meditation, chanting and other spiritual pursuits.

The align27 app considers all these factors and more to give you the best moments in your day.

You can also download the Cosmic Insights app to check these timings on a daily basis based on where you live.

If you have anything important to do during these times you can do the below remedies

  1. Worship Lord Ganesha by chanting a simple Ganesha Mantra – Om Gam Ganapataye Namah
  2. Donate to your favourite cause.
  3. Practice Pranayama (Breathwork)
  4. Take some cardamom or turmeric.
  5. Worship Kalabhairav by listening to Kalabhairav Ashtakam.