1. Jupiter and Venus transit over your Fortuna Point

Fortuna point is a mathematical point calculated based on the degrees of Sun, Moon and Ascendant. When Jupiter or Venus transit over this point, it triggers fortunate events pertaining to the house where this point falls in your chart.

The Fortuna Point feature on Cosmic Insights App can help you find your Fortuna Point and the dates when these planets transit over it.

What does your birth chart reveal about your finances?

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2. Trines and Grand Trine

In her book, How to Make Money Using Astrology: Discovering Your Luck and Fortune astrologer Joni Patry talks about an interesting concept of Trines and Grand Trine.

When a birth chart is endowed with natal trine aspects, a transiting planet will set off these trines which can create a grand trine in the chart. For example, a natal birth chart may have Venus 5 degrees of Leo and Saturn is at 6 degrees Sagittarius. When transiting Jupiter transits 5-6 degrees of Aries this will create a grand trine in this chart. The transit of Jupiter has filled in the missing area that hooks up all three planets and produces a time of fortune and luck. Jupiter is the planet revered for wealth and luck. Chart what sign Jupiter is currently transiting and compare the planets in your own birth chart to see when Jupiter will conjunct or trine any of your own personal planets.

You can use the Lucky Times (Trines and Grand Trine) feature on Cosmic Insights app to find these dates for your birth chart.

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3. Jupiter or Venus on your Ascendant

When Jupiter and Venus transit your Ascendant Sign it is a very powerful time for luck and fortune. It is said that when benefic planets such as Jupiter or Venus are in the Ascendant it has the power to destroy all the evils in a birth chart and bless the chart with abundance and fortune.

You can use the transit finder feature on the Cosmic Insights App to find when Jupiter or Venus will transit your Ascendant degree.

What does your birth chart reveal about your finances?

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