Saturn fasting for 2018 – The Greatest of all Saturn Remedies

Lord Shani (Saturn) needs no introduction. He is the most misunderstood deity. People fear him as he is known for being just and strict when it comes to giving you the fruits of your past life karma be it good or bad.

Saturn – Your Karmic Imprint

Lord Shani (Saturn) is hailed as the Lord of Karma. The harsh and ultimate reality is that we are born to pay off our karmic debts, but we get lost in the process and get way too attached. It is at these times Saturn comes to our rescue to wake up and shake up things in our life to help us get back to reality. The way Saturn goes about his duty is not enjoyable, but it certainly is extremely effective.

There are many remedies for Saturn, but the most effective one is the “Saturn Fast”.
Saturn fast begins on the first Saturday after the new moon in the month of shravana and is continued for 16 consecutive Saturdays.
This year it starts on 11th of August and ends on 24th November 2018.

Saturday, August 11th is a complex day with the Partial Solar Eclipse (3rd eclipse in 30 days), no moon day and tithi Gandanta. So it is even more important and effective to worship Saturn.

The placement of Saturn in our birth chart and it’s aspects gives us a clue about what areas of life Saturn wants us to work on to bring about a positive change.

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People with their moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are going through their Sade Sati. People with their moon in Taurus are going through “Ashtama Shani” and people with their moon in Virgo are going through a phase called “Kantaka Shani”. People with their Natal Saturn in Sagittarius are going through their Saturn Return which indicates the return of Saturn to the same spot as it was during the time of their birth.  And Saturn’s transit over natal planets can also trigger few key events during this time.
These transits can be challenging and it is the best time to commence the Saturn Fast which will bring the much-needed stability and relief.

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How to observe the Saturn Fast

1. Starting Aug 11th for 16 consecutive Saturdays you can observe the Saturn Fast.
2. It is wise to wake up early, take a shower and sit for meditation and prayers on Saturday morning.
3. You can chant Saturn mantras during the Fast. – Om Nilanajana Samabhasam, Ravi putram Yamagrajam Chhaya Martanda Sambhutham, Tam Namami Shanischaram or Shani Beeja mantra which is Om Praam Preem Praum Sah Shanicharaya Namaha or a simple mantra – Om Sham Shri Shanaishcharaya Namaha 108 times or more.
4. Light a lamp with sesame oil during sunset on Saturdays
5. Use frankincense essential oil on Saturdays during the fast.
6. If you are able you can keep a full Saturn Fast where you do not eat anything except fresh fruits and boiled vegetables along with water from sunrise on Saturday until sunrise on Sunday.
7. If you are unable to keep a full Fast you can do the Partial Fast where you do not eat anything except fresh fruits and boiled vegetables along with water from sunrise to sunset on Saturday and after Sunset you can eat a light healthy vegetarian meal.
8. Strictly avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
9. Do not harbor negative feelings against yourself or anyone else.
10. It is wise to talk less and keep your focus inward during the Fast.
11. You can read the book – The Greatness of Saturn when you keep your Fast. It is considered highly auspicious to read it during the Shravan month Saturdays.
12. During this period it is highly auspicious to meditate on Sri Rudram every Monday and if it is possible you may also have a pundit come and perform the Rudrabhishekam at your home or you can attend one in the temple.


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