Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti – Mantra, Mudra, Significance and Other Tips

Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti is observed as the birthday of Lord Shani (Saturn) according to Hindu mythology.

Lord Shani needs no introduction. He is the most misunderstood deity. People fear him as he is known for being just and strict when it comes to giving you the fruits of your past life karma be it good or bad.

Saturn – Your Karmic Imprint

Lord Shani (Saturn) is hailed as the Lord of Karma. The harsh and ultimate reality is that we are born to pay off our karmic debts, but we get lost in the process and get way too attached.  It is at these times Saturn comes to our rescue to wake up and shake up. The way Saturn goes about his duty is not enjoyable, but it certainly is extremely effective.

Timings for Shani Amavasya or Shani Jayanti  – 2018

New York, USA

15th May 2018

Amavasya Tithi begins 10.14 am on 14th may and ends 7.47 am on 15th may.

Mumbai, India

15th May 2018

Amavasya Tithi begins at 7.46 pm on 14th may and ends at 5.17 pm on 15th may.

London, UK

15th May 2018

Amavasya Tithi begins at 3.16 pm on 14th may and ends 12.47 pm on 15th may.

Things to do on Lord Shani’s birthday

  1. Worship the Sun God by in the morning by reciting the mantra “Aum Suryaya Namaha” 108 times or Sri Aditya Hrudayam Stotram
  2. Spend some time in doing Yoga and light stretching exercises
  3. Meditate – This is the “BEST” and most “EFFECTIVE” remedy for Lord Saturn.
  4. Chant the simple Shani mantra – “Aum Shanescharaya Namaha” 108 times
  5. Donate – Donate to your favorite cause or help someone in need especially those that are less fortunate than you.
  6. If you have a Shivling at home, you can offer Abhishek with water and milk.
  7. If you are able to, you can fast from sunrise or sunset. If you are unable to fast, you can avoid non-vegetarian food and stick to a sattvic diet for today.
  8. Respect your elders – This is the day to take care of people who are elder to you and gain their blessings.
  9. Chant the Hanuman Chalisa – The mystery behind Lord Hanuman and Saturn(Shani Dev) – Cosmic Insights
  10. Be Righteous and avoid Shortcuts and arrogance.
  11. You can perform the Shani Puja or visit Shani temple or Navgraha temple near you.
  12. Here are some more tips to please Saturn – 17 ways to please Saturn (Lord Shani) – Cosmic Insights

Shani Mudra

You can also perform the Shani Mudra today to honor Saturn.

Shani Mudra is a joint-hand gesture (samyukta hasta) used by performing artists. It is found in the traditional set of the nine planets (Nava- Graha Hastas) as described in the Abhinaya Darpana. It indicates the character of the planet Saturn.


Assume Shikhara Mudra with your left hand and Trishula Mudra with your right hand. Place the hands in front of your chest and stand in sama position (straight and elongated posture). Assume a menacing gaze.


To denote the planet Saturn. This mudra, in its dynamic form, requires movement of the hands in a winding manner in front of the face.


The birth of Saturn – Lord Shani

Read more about the mythology behind the birth of Lord Shani

The birth of Saturn – Lord Shani – Cosmic Insights

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